Celeste Veillon "Were You There" CD


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I have been singing for as long as I can remember. My mother recalls that even as a baby I would repeat the melodies of the songs she sang to me. My first public appearance was at the age of three. I earned my degree in Vocal Performance from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, La. My singing career has encompassed a wide variety of performance venues including recitals, theatre, concerts, conventions, fairs and festivals, but the most precious to me are the opportunities I have had to sing sacred music. As a cantor for the Diocese of Baton Rouge, I sing a different liturgy almost every day. These are the times when I feel God�s presence within me, a peace that I rarely experience at any other time. This gift of music has blessed me with the opportunity to share some of the most beautifully joyful as well as some of the most profoundly sad moments in the lives of those around me. The music and the sharing also brought me through some of the most difficult and darkest challenges of my own life. We all have a spiritual journey, whether we recognize it or not and looking back, music has been the gift that has guided me upon the path. These moments and that spiritual journey inspired this album. The collection of songs reflects on the awesome power of God�s love for us and serves as a meditation for our path to salvation. These songs offer thanksgiving and praise, comfort and solace, grace and hope.

1. Amazing Grace
2. The Song That Nature Sings
3. Jesus, Lord to Me/Jesus, the Lord
4. Behold the Cross
5. Love Is Forever
6. Via Dolorosa
7. How Beautiful
8. Covenant Hymn
9. The Cloud's Veil
10. Were You There
11. At Last
12. How Great Thou Art

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Song: Were You There

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